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About our immigration consulting

CAMS is an expert Migration Firm providing low-priced and efficient Visa services on all temporary and permanent Visas. Established in 2007, we have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Servicing clientele from all parts of the world as well as Australia for Migration and Visa applications.

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We provide the following services:

Advice, support and guidance on immigration matters, including advice on the most appropriate Visas to apply for.

Preparing and lodging Visa application forms and supporting documentation.

Updating client with requests from the Department.

Liaising with the Department of Home Affairs till the stage of approval.

Guidance in all aspects of life to do with migrating to Australia, including assistance in finding a place to live, work or study.

Working Together, We can Help

To be successful we need to work in a transparent and honest manner. We expect the same from our clients and are always there to provide the best possible service in order to have the best result in all applications.

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